Holidays in Halkidiki

After a friend told about his last years vacation and how well he pass with his family I decide to tell it to my wife for  Greece. I told her during our dinner that “This year we will make our Holidays in Halkidiki”. Where is it? My wife asked  me and the search for Sithonia hotel began.


When we searched for our Holidays in Halkidiki Greece, after a lot of searching we found the place which is not promoted at all from the media. In Greece generally promoted islands destinations for holidays but they are always overcrowded and not always the best for family holidays in Greece. We generally prefer islands but when the holidays have limited time and our budget can not afford domestic airplanes for moving around and we have to take ferries thinks getting weird.


This way of transportation is time consuming and believe me in holidays season, the only think that you must have in your mind is to take it as an adventure. Anyway we scan all the Halkidiki coastline searching for places that have picture skew sceneries  and in a natural environment at most. Halkidiki give us the feeling of an island and have all the advantages to visit urban places near by and of course a lot more activities that an island. So we decide it we definitely go this year  for holidays in Halkidiki.

The next thing is where to land and where to stay in our holidays in Halkidiki. First of all we have to land in Thessaloniki airport and then to go to Halkidiki by car or bus. In this point my friends suggestion save us time and money. All reliable hotels in Halkidiki have shuttle buses from airport to hotel in free. That’s really good for saving money for car and time because we did not know at all the place.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that I am Golfer and definitely I would like to spend a few time in a Golf court during my holidays,. Searching for hotel for our Holidays in Halkidiki we found that Halkidiki in Sithonia has the greatest Golf court in Balkans. I thought that is another good thing in my Halkidiki holidays, so I have to select a Halkidiki hotel near the court. This selection and decisions was a little bid time consuming  and the different rates make us to start to think for our decision to go there, but when you like a place and search you will found the solution. By the way we decide to stay in an hotel with affordable rates near the golf court at Kelyfos Hotel Neos Marmaras.

We find an unbelievable place up on a hill with an amazing view and the most amazing is that between the sea view and the hotel was the golf court. But the most amazing think is that They gave me and discount for the Golf court, and for the watersports to use it by my kids.

So the Holidays destination this year is Halkidiki and definetly we will have a good time at a Halkidiki hotel.